Children are the most natural thing in the world

That’s why a couple’s desire to have their own baby is one of the most wonderful feelings they can have. Unfortunately, quite a considerable number of men find out following a medical examination that they are impotent. However, this does not deter many couples and they opt for a pregnancy with donor sperm from an anonymous donor. Their strong emotional bond makes this step and turning to a doctor or specialist institute easier.
"Artificial insemination by donor (AID)" is the term given to the direct insertion of sperm cells of an unknown donor into the uterus of a woman.
This option of overcoming childnessness is a good way of experiencing pregnancy from the very start for couples where the man is impotent. Another reason for this decision may be a hereditary disease which would be passed on to an own child through normal pregnancy.

In the last few decades we have met hundreds of children who originated from the sperm bank and have experienced healthy boys and girls and happy parents.

Couples who opt for a pregnancy with donor sperm because the man is impotent have normally been through a lot. Many have unsuccessfully attempted to improve sperm quality. It is very understandable when all these efforts and unfulfilled wishes have a negative effect on the self-esteem of the man. This is why both partners must be very patient and understanding. If they manage this, it’s a good test of character on their way to having their own child with the help of donor sperm.

It‘s also important for you to know that a donor is only admitted to our sperm bank after we have got both an impression of his personality and have checked the quantity and quality of his sperm exactly. We also take blood samples from the donor to check for infectious diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases at regular intervals.

Unfortunately, current legislation does not allow us to treat unmarried or same-sex couples.

Please send us a mail if you have any further questions. We’ll reply in your language or an English-speaking colleague will call you.


How much does a treatment with donor sperm cost?

These costs refer to treatment for a first child with donor sperm and include extensive consultation in Hamburg in Dr Bispink and Partner’s practice for gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine.

Treatment to have a child using donor sperm (artificial insemination by donor) involves costs which are not covered by health insurance:

  • Counselling  (240.00 €)  -  you will receive an invoice from the consulting psychologist.
  • Treatment costs (ultrasound, blood tests, sperm transfer).
The attending doctor will invoice you for services according to the scale of charges for doctors in Germany.
  • Cost of the frozen donor sperm.
IRC will invoice you for this.

At the start of treatment you will receive an invoice from IRC for a one-off basic fee which includes nine straws (vials) containing frozen donor sperm. This can be normally used for three treatment cycles. Any shipping costs for the straws will be invoiced separately.

The basic fee including nine straws is 1,785.00 €  (including VAT). You will be charged 59.50 €  (including VAT) for every further straw.
The minimum shipping order is 6 straws. It is not possible to return surplus straws.